A lot of things are messed up, but words can crack the earth.

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Hello! Welcome to my Profile Page.

Writing an About Me page feels like being in group therapy. When it’s my turn to speak and the therapist asks, “What about you Charlie? Do you have anything you want to share today?” I want to sit there sit with my arms folded, staring at the floor, and respond with, “uhh…pass.”

I’m not keen on sharing myself. But I also know that you can’t connect with anyone or be a good writer until you bear a bit of your soul. I don’t want to isolate myself behind invulnerability. …

And what to do about it.

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I never expected to meet someone like this.

When I was younger, I was naïve, and more than a little insecure. I didn’t expect anyone to have bad intentions and would do my best to keep other people happy. I was easily manipulated, and quick to react if provoked.

This is fertile ground for being narcissistic prey.

A narcissist’s personality is divided equally between self-loathing and self-importance. Their self-hatred is only matched by their sense of entitlement. They convince themselves of being superior to others to avoid looking at who they are.

A narcissist can take the form of a…

The problem is I like my friends.

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If you’ve looked into self-improvement, then you’ve seen this message in a hundred different places. It’s become essential wisdom for anyone trying to get ahead in life. If you want success, you need to surround yourself with the right people.

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” — Dan Peña

There’s plenty of truth to this.

And I’m sure Jim Rohn, the motivational speaker who coined the idea, didn’t have bad intentions. He probably thought that people would use this concept to make better connections and rethink their relationships.


Don’t let people tell you otherwise

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If you plucked a random person off the street and looked into their mind, you’d see a matrix of hopes, dreams, fears, and pain.

The burdens people carry can be impossible to detect from the outside. Unless someone bared their soul to you, you would probably never know they were suffering.

But when your emotional levies start to break, and the pain shows through in a weary demeanor or a panic attack or an outburst, people are quick to tell you how good you have it and how you have no reason to be feeling bad. If you aren’t starving…

Make your life distinct from the internet

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Being online for too long tears your life away.

For me, it starts to feel like I’m floating in a sea of other people’s perspectives, political opinions, and inside jokes. It’s as if everyone else’s life became a part of my life, and they all showed up uninvited.

Because modernity has made it so that almost everything we do takes place online, it’s easy to feel like your life has been invaded by the rest of the world and hooked up to a grid without your permission.

But, if you’re mindful, you can take back control without returning to the…

It’s okay to be scared, but it’s not okay to live in fear.

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Have you ever run from what you needed most? If you have, then you may have chosen to die.

When it came time to follow through on your commitment, or keep your promise, or face your fear, you ran away. A thousand excuses sprang up in your head, so you backed down, slumped your shoulders, and surrendered to comfort.

And how did you feel afterward?

I can tell you what I felt: It gave me the sharpest, ugliest, most rotten feeling. It felt one hundred times worse than failure. …

Modernity can keep your mind trapped. Here’s how you set it free.

Bronze Key with Freedom Written on It
Bronze Key with Freedom Written on It
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In 2021, it’s easy to feel trapped by social media, people’s expectations, 24-hour news feeds, and just plain old fear. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for freedom.

But how do we find it? You can’t turn back the clock on technology. You can’t stop people from expecting things from you. You can’t stop the world from turning so you can get a minute to think. You can, however, control your actions, set boundaries, and filter what comes into your reality.

Why should anyone else determine how you should live, or what should occupy your mind?

Here are…

You’ll ball your eyes out, and gain a new perspective.

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Sometimes, we need to let it flow.

And I’m telling you this as a man: Men cry too. It just means you really give a shit about something.

Everyone knows that a man ain’t supposed to cry. Listen, I gotta cry, cause cryin’ eases the pain, aw yeah. — The Temptations

I don’t need to tell you how cathartic crying is, but it’s something I have trouble doing. I’m one of those people who can’t cry when they genuinely wish they could. It takes a hell of a lot to break my emotional levies.

But there’s a strategy I found…

A fresh perspective for overthinkers

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I always assume that thinking is going to solve my problems.

I assume that the more mental effort I put into something, the greater the outcome will be. And sometimes, that works. But other times, it places me squarely in my own way.

Overthinking traps me in a rumination loop, and trying to solve my problem becomes my problem.

If you do this too, I’ve found a strategy that can help. Instead of thinking yourself to death, you can drop everything and let your subconscious mind handle it.

The Subconscious is a Tool

In the book Rest, researcher Alex Soojung Kim Pang argues that your…

Thoughts on internet addiction and recovery.

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The internet isn’t the world.

It is only a window to the world, one that we’re free to look in while sitting safely on the toilet.

So, seeing as we all have our own window to everything in the world, we need to wonder why we would ever look away. Why moderate it? Why would we accept boredom when we can experience the world without risking our necks?

It was always the plan to put the world in your hand. Anything and everything, all the time. — Bo Burnham

Here’s a reason: Somewhere out there an 11-year-old kid is going…

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Psychology, Philosophy, Hope, Pain, and Vibes. https://strengthinsilence.com/

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